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International Vegetarian Food in Vancouver

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Indian Food (most vegetarian friendly)

Nothing can be more vegetarian friendly than Indian food. If you are vegetarian and don�t mind some spicy curry, Indian food will be your first choice.

You can find Indian restaurants around main street, surrey and some parts of Vancouver downtown. There are some along 4th Street in Vancouver West and near Ambleside park of West Vancouver.

(most Indian restaurant have chickens, but some are vegetarian only)


Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese food usually has the worst or no vegetarian options. Except for plain noodles, you usually have nothing else to eat. There are some exceptions, e.g.
Pho Lan Beef Noodle Soup Restaurant Ltd
6950 No. 3 Road
, Richmond, BC V6Y 2C5‎ - (604) 273-1583

They have a veggie spring roll vermicelli (I think it�s menu item #33 or #35?) around $6, pretty good for vegetarian.

Cheap Japanese Food

Most of the time, cheap Japanese Food restaurants in Vancouver (unlike their counter parts in Japan) have pretty good vegetarian selections. The main reason is because they are not �real� Japanese food, instead, they are mostly owned by Chinese or Koreans. The quality is not as good as real Japanese food, but if you are vegetarian, you don�t have much choice. You can order Vegetarian Bento Box or Tofu Bento Box. If not, they sometimes have veggie sushi combos. Worst come to worst, they always have veggie tempura and soba. There are some exceptions, some �real� Japanese food in North Vancouver (near Lonsdale Quay) are very vegetarian friendly. I think it�s because they have more hippies around those areas.

Most Japanese restaurants with buffet options are usually vegetarian friendly, e.g. Tokyo Ichiban, Richmond Sushi, Top Gun restaurant

Real Japanese Food

Avoid the �real� Japanese restaurants (usually operated by real Japanese), I have ordered a vegetarian bento that comes with sashimi... Unfortunately, the �real� Japanese restaurants usually have better food, but they are more suitable for none vegetarians.

Chinese food

There are tons of Chinese restaurants in Vancouver. Some have limited selections, but almost all have at least one vegetarian option. The Hong Kong Style �western cafes� have some vegetarian options, usually in the form of veggie noodles.

Chinese noodle house

Some noodle houses are less vegetarian friendly; selections are limited to plain veggie noodle.

Korean food in general

Korean food is a mix. Some of them are vegetarian friendly. Some are not. But I would say, most of them, about 80% have some vegetarian options. But you would need to like spicy food.

Korean Grills

Korean grills are usually for meat lovers.

Thai Food

Thai food is a mix. Most of them have some vegetarian options. Most of the time, you shall survive well in Thai restaurants.


Western Food

Earls, Milestones, Cactus Club, they all have good vegetarian selections.


Western Food, steak house

Avoid The Keg, they don�t have any vegetarian options except salads.

Needless to say, entering steak house is usually suicidal for vegetarians.


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