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Vancouver Vegetarian Food Guide

So you are a vegetarian visiting Vancouver, what can you eat?

Vegetarian Friendly Fast Food

Fast food is easy to find. If you are hungry and has no other choice, there�s always a fast food restaurant around.

Look for


A&W �

Most A&W have Veggie Burger Combo, with a Swiss Chess Burger, a fries/onion rings/side salad, and a glass of chilled A&W root beer.

This is a pretty good option, price around $6-$10, depends on what you choose. The root beer is great. The burger is OK. This is marginally healthy.

(not all A&W have veggie combo options)

Where to find? Street corners or shopping malls

McDonald �

McDonald at this time has the worst vegetarian selections. They used to have veggie burger or veggie wrap, but now all is gone. They have absolutely nothing vegetarian friendly. You can order a fries, a side salad (very poor salad) and some cookies or apple pie. Vegetarians should avoid McDonald at all cost.

Where to find? Street corners or shopping malls

Burger King �

Burger King also has a Veggie Burger Combo, but their patty is pretty dry. It tastes like dog food. The price is cheaper than A&W, less than $6. Come with fries and medium soft drink. Probably not very healthy.

Where to find? Street corners

Dairy Queen �

Unless you can take ice-cream as meal, they don�t have any vegetarian friendly option.

Where to find? Street corners or shopping malls

Where to find? Street corners or shopping malls

Subway �

Subway has a veggie club and sandwich, and some soup. They are very vegetarian friendly if you don�t mind cold food.

Where to find? Street corners or shopping malls

Wendy�s �

They used to have some veggie wrap. I am not sure they still have it now. If not, there�s the side salad and stuffed potatoes.

There aren�t too many Wendy�s around Vancouver area.

Tim Holton

They have a veggie sub combo, around $5-$6

Where to find? Street corners

Kentucky Fried Chicken-

Unless you consider chickens as vegetarian, you should avoid KFC. But they do have some bread, mash potatoes and salad that are pretty vegetarian friendly.

Pantry (owned by White Spot)

They have a veggie burger combo. Very good for vegetarians. Around $7.

Where to find? Street corners or near gas stations



Meat lover�s paradise. Vegetarian�s nightmare. What else can I say?

Pizza Hut and Pizza shops around street corners

They have some vegetarian pizza slice. Most pizza shops around Vancouver area have veggie pizza. Some are expensive, some are cheap.


Taco Time & Taco Bell and most Mexican fast food restaurants

Taco time has some bean burritos and veggie wrap. They have one of the best vegetarian selections among the fast food restaurants.


Most Greek Fast Food or Falafel Joints

Most Greek fast food or falafel place provides good vegetarian selections, like falafels, Spinach pies as well as some Greek Salad.




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