false creek loop

False Creek is probably the best place to walk in Vancoolver

This table will help you to chooose your route

Walk Start Distant Walking Time Route
Twin Bridge Loop D: Granville Island 3km walking min. 45 minutes walking (2 hr + sightseeing) Grey Route (D to E),
Purple Route
(E to F),
Brown Route
(F to G),
Pink Route
(G to D)
This is an easy route, you see the views from two bridge and the most exciting part of false creek. You can also do this loop at night, the night view on Burrard and Granville is simply stunning. (There are some drifters near the ends of the bridges, making some people feel unsafe. Usually they cause no trouble).
The Grand Loop of Science and Maritime A: Science World 9.5km walking min. 3 hrs walking (usually take whole day)

Yellow Route (A to B)
Red Route (B to C)
Green Route (C to D)
Grey Route (D to E)
Purple Route (E to F)
Brown Route (F to G)
Orange Route (G to H)
Take [[False Creek Ferry]] from Vanier Park to Science World (around $12)

If you like walking and you have time, then this loop is your choice. You don't have to do the return trip of walking back. The [[False Creek Ferry]] will do the job for you. You can also take the ferry first and then walk back from the same route, so you won't miss the ferry when you walk late. Even if you spent a whole day, you probably won't have much time to visit science world, Space Center, Granville Island, Maritime Museum etc... so you might want to break this route into 3 parts and do it in 3 days, so you can do more sightseeing and less time walking (see below...)
3 Days Combo Day 1: A: Science World 2.5km walking min. 45 minutes walking Yellow Route (A to B)
Red Route (B to C)
Take [[False Creek Ferry]] from Stamps Landing (West of C) to Science World (around $3.5)
Day 2: C: Cambie Bridge South 4km walking min. 1 hr walking

Red Route (C to B)
Blue Route (B to E)
Grey Route (E to D)
Take [[False Creek Ferry]] from Granville Island (near north tip of D) to Stamps Landing (West of C) (around $3.5)

Day 3: H: Maritime Museum 2km walking 30 minutes walking

Orange Route (H to G)
Brown Route (G to F)
Return by taking [[False Creek Ferry]] from Aquatic Center (west of F) back to Maritime Museum

Lazy Granville D: Granville Island 1.5km walking less than 30 minutes walking Grey Route (D to E),
Purple Route
(E to F),
Return by taking [[False Creek Ferry]] from Aquatic Center (west of F) back to Granville Island
If you want to do minimum walking, then choose this route, another lazy choice is the "Day 3" of the 3 days combo
Cambie Loop C: Cambie Bridge South 6km walking 1.5 hr walking

Red Route (C to B)
Blue Route (B to E)
Grey Route (E to D)
Green Route (D to C)

It's easy to find parking in Cambie Bridge South, so I like to do this loop. This is also a very relaxing loops, the blue route has nice urban views, the green route has nice boats along the seawalk. You can also stopp at Granville Island for lunch or dinner. Highly recommended.
Super Lazy Any False Creek Ferry Terminals 0km no walking time! Science World to Plaza of Nation to Stamps Landing to Yaletown to Granville Island and then back
So you don't want to walk? Just take the [[False Creek Ferry]] then. You can board them at: Granville Island (North West of D), Aquatic Centre (West of F), Yaletown (West of B), Stamps Landing (West of C), Maritime Museum (H), Science World (A), Plaza of Nations (East of B)
red-cambie bridge
blue-cambie north
grey-granville bridge
green-cambie south
purple-burrard north
pink-burrard south
brown-burrard bridge
orange-space center
yellow-science world
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